Nutritional Benefits For Workers and Staff

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Nhlayisa Power Supply is fantastic food for your staff. The vitamins and minerals contained in Power Supply assist with improved general health and well-being in the following: B vitamins assist with the breakdown of carbohydrate, protein and fat. B vitamins are critical to manufacture of hormones serotonin, dopamine and melatonin. Vitamin B1 and B2 are [...]

Growing Africa

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If you are passionate about Africa and helping her grow why not consider assisting with our school feeding program.

Plaaswerkers en Voeding

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The International Labour Organisation recently reported that companies are losing up to 20% in productivity due to malnutrition. Plaaswerkers is deur navorsing geidentifiseer as uiters weerloos betrefende voeding en geestesgesondheid . Kinders wat op plase woon en grootword  is geneig om te klein en ook ondergewig te wees , tot n groter mate as enige ander kinders [...]

Productivity and Wellness of mine and shift Workers.

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WORKERS . Hypoglycaemia is a clinical condition in which blood sugar levels fall below 4.0mmol/l. When this happens, hormones, such as the catecholamines, are released, causing symptoms such as hunger, trembling, dizziness, headache, and palpitations. Other more severe symptoms include fatigue, confusion, personality changes, weakness, psychosis, rapid and shallow breathing, lack of coordination, nausea and [...]

Truck Driver Nutrition

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Truck drivers work under physically and mentally demanding conditions . Deadlines , loading and unloading , traffic , breakdowns etc all increase the risk of health conditions and increase fatigue levels . Chronic fatigue increases the risk of road accidents and also company costs. Long hours , minimal physical exercise unhealthy food ,convenience foods , [...]