• Contains less carbohydrates and added total sugar than many of its competitors.

  • Contains 1/3 less fat and significantly lower saturated, poly unsaturated and mono unsaturated fatty acids than, Futurelife.

  • Has a vitamin content which is much much higher than many of its competitors.

  • Has a sodium value within the new legislated limit maximum of 500mg sodium/100g porridge/cereal.

  • In a blind taste test conducted, Power Supply was preferred to all of its competitors.

1. Nutritionals – per 100g dry product
1.1 Macro Nutrients
Power Supply is high in energy, protein and dietary fibre.

Power Supply’s carbohydrates and added total sugar are lower than many of its competitors.

Power Supply has one 1/3rd less fat and significantly lower values of saturated, poly unsaturated and mono unsaturated fatty acids than the leading fortified porridge, Futurelife.

Power Supply’s sodium value is within the new legislated limit of max 500mg sodium/100g porridge/cereal.


Power Supply is fortified with a well balanced cocktail of all available vitamins.


C The vitamin content of Power Supply is much much higher than many of its competitors. Its B-vitamin content is very high.

o Power Supply contains on average 300% NRV per 100g product, with the exception of vitamin A and E which is 100% and 60%, respectively.

It is noted that regular consumers of Power Supply consistently provide positive feedback in respect to improved energy and general health.


Power Supply is fortified with most minerals. Minerals work in conjunction with vitamins to contribute to growth and health of an individual. Each individual mineral plays a significant role in regards to bone, nerve and heart health, as well as fertility, blood pressure, water balance and muscle strength.

The mineral content of Power Supply contains 20% NRV per 100g.
Iodine is responsible for the normal functioning of the thyroid gland which controls the metabolic rate

of the body.

Zinc assists with improved immunity.

Magnesium prevents muscle spasms and aches.

Iron produces red blood cells and prevents fatigue. Workers need to be at their optimum health and therefore it is essential for workers to consume minerals as part of at least one daily meal.

1.4. Glycaemic Index (GI) and Amino Acids

Power Supply’s amino acid and GI breakdown value is pending a laboratory test.

GI indicates how quickly food is metabolised and is linked to carbohydrate synthesis by the body. There are three categories; namely low GI, medium GI and High GI. Low GI is preferred. Low GI foods have carbohydrates that are less processed and which the body finds more difficult to process. Low GI carbohydrates are broken down more slowly and therefore its effect on blood sugar remains relatively constant. Low GI foods make one feel saturated (feeling fuller) for longer, prevent blood sugar spikes (prevents dizziness or cravings), diabetes, obesity and improves general health.

Even though it is recommended that clinical tests be conducted to determine the glycaemic index of a food, research on GI Foods from the GI Database of the South African GI Foundation indicates that maize porridges and soya are low GI foods. Therefore, it can be deducted that Power Supply porridge may have low GI. In addition, Power Supply has high dietary fibre and protein values – both of these are more slowly metabolised by the body.

Amino acids are metabolised from protein in order to be taken up by the system for growth, immunity, muscle strength and red blood cell formation. The body requires 56g of protein per day. At 12,79g of protein, Power Supply provides an individual with 18% of their daily requirement. High protein value (per serving) is therefore very important.


2. Ingredients

Power Supply is made from pre-cooked maize, soya isolate and soya flour, vegetable fat powder, fortification premixes, dietary fibre, which is sweetened, and contain salt and flavouring. Serving sizes for both products could range between 50 and 100g depending on individual preference.

3. Allergens

The two products contain the same allergens – soya bean and cow’s milk.

4. Sensory

The taste and appearance of Power Supply is considered to be very good.

C Power Supply is an exceptionally tasty product with a off-white, yellow colour (from the b-vitamins) and a moderate sweetness.

Power Supply is “maizey” in its taste profile.
According to a blind taste test conducted, Power Supply was preferred to all of its competitors.

5. Occupational Feeding

In order to perform their jobs, workers such as miners, farm labourers, and those who operate in large cement, glass, steel or car factories are subjected to tremendous physiological stress. The work often requires prolonged physical activity in harsh environmental conditions where exposure to chemicals, heat, cold, limited oxygen or extreme weather conditions is common. Alertness is vital to mitigating safety risks associated with operating large machinery. Due to financial pressures most workers are unable to invest in healthy balanced diets and food supplements.

I concur with Dr Greame Sait (who formulated Power Supply in 2007) that these individuals require higher amounts of micro nutrients (vitamins), over and above the standard adult nutrient reference values, including energy, protein and fat. The unique B-vitamin cocktail in Power Supply porridge is particularly positive in this regard. B-vitamins are water soluble and cannot be stored by the body. The body uses what it needs and secretes the rest in the urine. Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), B6 (Pyridoxine) and B2 (Riboflavin) are particularly high in this product. The combined benefits of these are listed below.

6. Nutritional benefits for workers

Below are the combined benefits of the vitamins and minerals contained in Power Supply: C Improves general health and well-being.



Is essential to (and promotes) energy production for continued throughput.
Is required for the breakdown of carbohydrate, protein and fat.
Strengthens the immune system.
Maintains a healthy nervous system (to augment alertness required by workers). C Improves cardiovascular function.

Supports proper brain development.
Functions to make hormones serotonin, dopamine and melatonin (plays role in preventing mood

disorders and regulates body’s internal clock).
Vitamin B2 slows down ageing and helps to prevent severe migraine attacks.

7. Finding

For the reasons stated above, Power Supply porridge would be my choice of an instant fortified porridge for an occupational feeding scheme.

Majolein HowardIndependent Food Technologist (B Tech) and Food Composition Specialist Saafost Member
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