Our Products And Services

We manufacture a range of instant fortified foods for both bulk feeding and the retail market. These include vitamin enriched fortified instant porridge and instant Mageu.

We develop products to suit your specific function and price range. Our manufacture facility has the capability to execute high volumes for a comprehensive range of blended products.

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Fortified Instant Porridge: Power Supply

Power Supply soy, sorghum and maize based instant porridge that is eaten with water or milk, as a meal or drink. It contains a highly progressive vitamin and mineral regime that takes into account the present deficiencies in our diet. 

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Instant Mageu: Yabhusta Mageu

Power Supply, along with a group of highly experienced nutritionists, has invested years of experience and research to develop an exciting new range of instant Mageu (also known as amaHewu) an instant fermented maize-based drink.

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Yabhusta-Maheu Power Supply Instant Mageu

Our Clients

Power Supply Is Excellent For:

  • Sports people
  • Workforce – miners, farmers, factory & builders
  • Business executives
  • School children
  • The elderly and infirm
  • Feeding schemes
  • Catering companies

“The children love it and it is easy to make. It gives energy, is filled with vitamins – a total winner in our area – and can be made with milk or water. We love it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”Heloise Terblanche – Thembalethu NPO